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How to control and limit the use of data in Android

Although the use of data is somewhat less critical than a few years ago, in many cases it is still necessary to always be aware of how much data you are using on your mobile. Excessive consumption can result either in a bulky invoice or in a reduced speed until the next cycle.

Luckily, Android has been using tools to control the use of data for a long time, although they are not too complex, they are useful in most cases. Those who need more, can always turn to third-party applications, available on Google Play. Here we will talk about both options.

How to get a notice of the use of data

The data limit is one of the most ancestral Android settings, which has barely changed since the first versions of Android. It is a couple of adjustments with which you can receive a notice when you have spent some data usage and, if you want, limit the use completely.

Although some customization layers can change the previous window (or place it in another sub-menu), most of the time it is in the Settings – Data usage, although it may be included within Connection menus or similar. In case of doubt, the search for adjustments is always a good tool in case you do not find it.

The first thing you need is to adjust the start of your billing cycle. This is the day when your data consumption restarts and you start counting from scratch. If you do not configure this, the data, warnings and limits will be incorrect. To do so, tap the drop-down menu and choose Change cycle.

Once you have changed the cycle it is time to set the notice of data usage. When you reach this figure, the system will show you a warning, although you can still use the Internet anyway.

You can not write the figure manually, but you must move the bar until it corresponds to the number you are interested in (up is more, down, less). Android is only able to do the measurement for monthly cycles: if you have some other type of weekly or daily rate, you will need another application.

How to limit the use of data

In the same settings window above you will find an option called Set mobile data limit. After activating it, a new bar will be added to the network usage graph. Normally it is of another color so that you can distinguish them, besides including the text “limit”. In any case, there is no place for doubt because the limit must necessarily be greater than the notice.

The modus operandi is the same: slide the bar up or down to set a limit for the use of data within the cycle you have established. In this case, the data connection will be cut when a certain limit is reached.

Remember that this measurement is taken by the mobile and may vary slightly with the one that your operator carries, which is the one that prevails. These options, as well as other more complex alternatives with third party applications, should be considered more a help or guide than science.

What if my rate does not tell me a certain application?

Some rates allow you to use a particular application or service without being counted in your data rate. For example, you can have a rate where you have unlimited WhatsApp or Facebook. If this is your case, the traditional Android account will give you erroneous results, because it shows you the data consumption, whether you are being charged or not.