How to set a data consumption limit on iOS and Android

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Although the operator’s war is benefiting consumers with denser data rates at lower prices, the consumption of mobile data is still something that worries many of us, especially when we are at the end of the billing cycle.

And that is that suddenly find us without data, having to beg Wi-Fi or data to other people is something that nobody likes to live. To avoid this, we can configure limits on our consumption of data that help us dose and thus not have to see us more in this situation.

How to set a data consumption limit on Android

We start with the phones with Android operating system in their bowels. In this case it is somewhat simpler than in the iOS, since the system itself allows us to establish a consumption limit in a native way, without the need to resort to third-party applications as in the case of the iPhone.

To do this we have to go to the phone settings and here to look for the option “Use of data”. Within it we will see the data we have consumed so far in our billing cycle, and we can * set alarms and also a limit so that we do not continue spending once we exceed it.

To do this we are going to go to “Billing cycle” and here we have the two options. To receive consumption alarms we have to activate the “Define data warning for alarms” tab and apply the corresponding amount of data (for example, 2 GB). The same will do to establish the limit: activate the tab “Limit use of data” and voila, the mobile will stop using the data when it reaches the established limit.

How to set a data consumption limit in iOS

As we said at the beginning, in the case of iOS we do not have an option in the operating system that allows us to establish a data limit beyond the complete deactivation of these, nor an alarm system that notifies us of consumption, so that we will have to make use of third-party applications.

We recommend from here My Data Manager – Data Saver, a completely free application with a very simple interface that allows us to visualize and manage the consumption of mobile data on the iPhone. Although it is true that it does not allow us to establish a limit as such, we can receive alarms with consumption to avoid exceeding us.

Once we download and install the application on our mobile, we just have to register and access the “My Plans” menu, here we will apply the amount of data we want (or have to) consume each month. Next we will go to the option “My alarms” and here we can define what we want to warn us about (for example if we have reached 90% of the consumption limit or send us a usage estimate).