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The New Generation of Social Communication

In Hungary, there are nearly 5 million people on social networking sites, and more than two-third of them are over 25 years old; therefore potential purchaser. There are thousands of advertisers on Facebook to compete with.

Successful campaigns need professional background. Our experts will design your strategy.


Communications and Image

Hundreds of potential customers see your website, Facebook page, displays and publications regularly. Can you measure; do you know the exact conversions?

Do you know why it is important to have a clear visual communication, a unified image and a marketing strategy? The answer is very simple: more turnover, more profit.

We deal with business development.

Optimizing for Mobile Devices

Realize a grand market opportunity: Optimize!

Nearly one-third of the internet searching is done by cellphones. Less than 0.1 percent of the companies have mobile-optimized contents.

Targeted success

Dominate search results! We help you to take advantage of SEO trends!

The true value of a website lies in regular and new visitors. Everyone measures the traffic of their websites, but most of them do not know the composition of visitors, the users’ behavior, and they cannot even define their exact target audience.

Customer Management

We won’t leave you alone! We're looking forward to our partnership!

We constantly develop your business, help maintaining clients and getting new customers. We do this with innovative solutions and dedicated availability.

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Our Mission

Our team serves no other purpose than to realize your goals! We develop your business, elaborate marketing strategy and apply innovation in your business life. We offer complete strategy and solution package, in addition to the tools and useful tips. Together we set medium and long term business objectives, and we prepare full implementation plan to achieve them. However, we also involve successful professional mentors for the development, people who are related to your industry and have tens of years of experience and relations, and dedicated to succes. This is who we are: HQ Communications - Over the function! Request a meeting with our business development consultant!